Buffalo Vale Revenant

Buffalo Vale Revenant

Buffalo Vale Distillery - Boronia Park, NSW

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If you set out to make a matured single malt spirit using only Australian native botanicals, what would you use, and what flavour would you get?

We now have an answer.

From a single native botanical (wattle seed) we have created a spirit that we call Revenant.

Soft, smooth, warm, and with Buffalo Vale’s signature purity of flavour, Revenant is dark and characterful.

In the glass, the golden copper colour spirit produces an aroma of honey toast and fig. Sipped neat, there are gentle but mouth-filling notes of dark chocolate, on a tannic, slightly smoky backbone.

All of this, carefully crafted using only one Australian native botanical.

The round, bold and approachable flavours also allow for a prominent place in cocktails such as Manhattan, Espresso Martini, or White Russian.

Tasting notes

Colour: Copper Colour
Nose: Honey Toast and Fig
Taste: Dark Chocolate, slightly smokey. 
Finish: A long smooth and soft finish.

35% ABV | 700ml


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