Canberra Distillery Summer Gin

Canberra Distillery Summer Gin

Canberra Distillery - Mitchell, ACT

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A distiller must name their Stills. It is a personal relationship. You have to listen to them, watch, smell and respond to their signals. Giving them a name builds the personal relationship. Joy is our latest arrival. A Polish made pot still. She boils gently, quietly and cannot be rushed.
This is Joy’s first gin. It is a modern Australian Gin. It is made from macerating native botanicals sourced from Braidwood and Tarago including Strawberry Gum, Wattle Seed and Lemon Myrtle. Summer fruits including blackberry, passionfruit, orange, lemon and tangelos give a sweet flavor. This is intended to match the summer palate. It can be enjoyed straight, as a GnT or Martini.

40% ABV | 500 mL

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