FNQ Rum Co Iridium X Gold Rum

FNQ Rum Co Iridium X Gold Rum

FNQ Rum Co Iridium X Gold Rum

Mt Uncle Iridium Gold Rum X is a rum borne from accident. Well, sort of. Y’all know about our award winning Iridium Gold (named Best Pot Still Rum under 5 yrs old in the world in 2019 and 2020 at the World Rum Awards in London)? Well, turns out we forgot about a couple of barrels. For about 5 years. So, lovers and friends, we discovered a 10 year old version of our 5 year old selves. Who knew?! All the similar notes to the younger version, but with stunning coffee and chocolate back palate. It’s very sexy, if we do say so ourselves.

Tasting Notes
Heavy and thick, treacle brims off the nose of the rum. Slight spices of cinnamon, brimming with a burnt aroma and a green freshness of crushed sugarcane. Nose opens over time with a minty display covering in caramel fudge tones, the sugarcane laden and brushed with honey. On the palate it is as oily and thick as can be expected from the nose. Trails of sugarcane and spices settle through, the vanilla and caramel fudge flavours interspersed with green herbs. 

Serving suggestions

Fantastic with freshly juiced pineapples.
Cocktail – Far North Mojito.
Ingredients: 60ml FNQ Rum Co. Rum, 1 Lime cut into 8ths, 30ml Sugar syrup, 10-12 mint leaves, CAPI Soda Water.
Method: Squeeze 7 of the lime wedges and drop into glass. Clap mint leaves with hands and add to glass along with sugar syrup, muddle contents 3-4 times with muddler. Add FNQ Rum Co. Platinum Rum and fill glass with crushed ice. Mix and top glass up with sparkling mineral water then garnish with sprig of mint and a lime wedge.


2021 Silver Medal at London Spirit Competition

40% ABV | 700 mL

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