fossey's Old man saltbush gin

Fossey's Old Man Saltbush Gin Elixir

Fossey's Gin Distillery - Mildura, Vic

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Often overlooked in our fabulous bush land, the blue/grey colour blends in to the glorious landscape of the Mallee scrub. An absolute stand out in flavour and once you discover the salty wonderment of this under utilised Australian native you will wonder how you ever passed by this striking plant. The rampantly growing “Old Man Salt Bush” (if you can discover why it is called this please let us know!) delivers soft saltiness that we thought would go perfectly with our Gin and HURRAH! We were right!

Superbly subtle in flavour but so desperately needing a robust friend, we have paired the Salt Bush scrub with Murray River Pink Salt in ginfusion merriment!
A fabulous local product to Mildura region, Murray River Salt produce salt flakes using the pristine mineralised brines from ancient saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin and the stunning pale pink hue of these salt flakes are a result of that combination. Ginfusing these two unsurpassable ingredients into our fabulous gin, a salty deliciousness was brought to life and thus we have now our ninth instalment to our permanent Fossey’s Gin range.

Perfectly balanced in flavour when served with a squeeze of lemon.
Will bring a bit of spirit to life. Guaranteed.

At Fossey’s we like to add a little spirit to life.
That’s why we’ve ginfused the soft saltiness of “Old Man Salt Bush” with locally produced Murray River Salt, to bring to life a gin of such delightful salty wonderment.

That’s why we love it!

40% ABV | 500 mL

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