Fossey's Peated Single Malt Single Barrel Whisky

Fossey's Peated Single Malt Single Barrel Whisky

Fossey's Gin Distillery - Mildura, Vic

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Hand crafted using only the very best Peated malt from Scotland and with a firm nod to our kilt wearing friends, this Whisky is the result of old school traditional methods of making Whisky.

Using a small copper still but with a strong Australian influence on maturation, we use 100 litre barrels re-coopered from 300 litre sherry casks and then the drop is left to mature to perfection in our harsh climate of wild temperature variations.

The Angels take more than their fair share resulting in a concentrated flavoursome Whisky.

Lavish and sweet on the nose with wafts of peat that really comes to bear on the palate in between hints of sticky dates and toffee. Firm smoke lurks in the background.

A blast of smoke and black pepper, a little bit of heat and firm peat but retains that rich golden syrup, treacly note with subtle burnt toffee.

The finish is long and creamy with a serious smoky tale and lingering pipe tobacco. It’s Matured to absolute perfection.

57.6% ABV | 500 mL

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