Fossey's Single Malt Single Barrel Whisky

Fossey's Single Malt Single Barrel Whisky

Fossey's Gin Distillery - Mildura, Vic

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Barley grain, grown in the harsh Australian Drylands, provides a unique base from which our Whisky is made. High in protein means less commercial conversion to alcohol, but it also means more flavour, oh so much more flavour! Malted locally, the malt barley is then brewed by hand into small batch, full flavoured mash and distilled on our small copper still.  Matured on very old port barrels re-coopered form 300 litres to 100 litres and stored in our own hash climate with cold nights and hot days means a lot of breathing in and out through the barrel walls.

Although the Angels in this part of the world take far more than their fair share, the result is an exceptional whisky with a firm cask influence Fossey’s Single Malt whisky has an affinity with Port – it’s that blackcurrant thing.

Nose: Black cherry and concentrated fruits dominate with a tiny savoury hint in the background, along with some oak and roasted coffee. More oak and citrus become apparent when water is added.

Palate: Initially softer than the nose suggests. Light sweetness with overripe slightly dried fruits. A little bit buttery with very fine tannins, sweet malt and balancing white oak on the mid palate.

Finish: Long and lingering cocoa, raisins and a pinch of tobacco.

Matured to absolute perfection.

49.4% ABV | 500mL

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