Golden Emperor

Golden Emperor

ALTD Spirits - Sydney, NSW

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ALTD Spirits Golden Emperor

Overview: A luxurious choc-orange Australian distilled alcohol-free spirit with bitter-sweet orange notes, toasted spices & roasted flavours. 

Botanicals: Fresh Organic Oranges, Blood Orange Marmalade, Dark Roasted Cocoa Husks & Nibs, Wattleseed, Black Pepper, Chili, River Salt, Blackened Citrus Peels & Red Gum Bark.

Tasting NotesA definitive Orange citrus nose with Roasted Chocolate & Raisin notes. It's sharp on the palate initially & moves into a spicier finish as the blend of differently prepared citrus fruits and spices interact. Roasted Wattleseed and Red Gum Bark have been combined with a Single Origin, Dark Roasted Cocoa from far North Queensland to achieve the Jaffa, Roasted Wood overtone.

Alcohol free | 700 mL 

FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from ALTD Spirits - Sydney, NSW

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