Hobart Whisky Barrel-aged Tasmanian Cherry Gin

Hobart Whisky Barrel-aged Tasmanian Cherry Gin

Hobart Whisky Barrel-aged Tasmanian Cherry Gin

Dive into the very soul of Tasmania with our very own Barrel-aged Tasmanian Cherry Gin. This isn't just any gin. It's a beautiful dance of flavours, tradition, and innovation, all bottled up to offer a sip of our island's splendour.

Our gin starts with a sweet heart. We owe that to the spirit production produced in house exclusively with Tasmanian malted barley, setting the stage for the gin's unique taste. But the real star here is the juicy Tasmanian cherry. It’s bold, it’s succulent, and it perfectly captures the wild spirit of our home.

Don't get us wrong, we've given the classic juniper its moment, but we've spiced things up with a hint of citrus. It's a taste that's lively, balanced, and refined in its elegance.

Here's the twist: we've let our gin rest in an American oak ex-bourbon cask for six months. That's where the whisky magic comes in. The ageing adds those warm, whisky notes that whisky lovers can't resist. In a way, it’s a gin made with whisky lovers in mind.

At Hobart Whisky, we've always been all about the whisky. But every now and then, a little gin exploration doesn’t hurt.

Give it a try straight, on the rocks, or shake things up in a cocktail. Whether it’s the starring role in a classic Negroni or just the simple pleasure of a chilled serve, this gin's got the flair to make an impression.

So here’s our toast to Tasmania, to passion, and to a gin that’s bound to surprise. Dive in and savour the journey.

40% ABV | 500 mL
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