Island Flower Pink Gin

Island Flower Pink Gin

That Spirited Lot - Seaford, Vic

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Island Flower Pink Gin is a one shot pot distilled gin is crafted from Australian grape spirit, with base notes of juniper and coriander, accented with the sweetness of dried apples, fig, date, hibiscus flower & highlights of zingy lemon. Take a sip and think bubble gum.

Garnish: Fresh Lemon Slice

Serve neat or with soda


A leisurely bicycle ride down the streets of a small town in Kyushu, the smell of fragrant flowers fill the air. That Spirited Lot's 'Island Flower Gin' is inspired by co-founder Kate's travels to Southern Japan & Okinawa Islands. 

The gentle pink colour of the spirit is achieved by maceration of hibiscus flowers post-distillation. Hibiscus is a symbol of the Okinawa Islands blooming all year round.

43% ABV | 700 mL

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