Kolinski Twice Distilled Vodka

Kolinski Twice Distilled Vodka

Little Lon Distilling - Melbourne, Vic

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This vivacious vodka is a na zdoroviyeto Charles ‘the Pimp’ Kolinski. A rugged Russian roustabout, sly grogger and purveyor of fleshly delights in turn-of-the-century Little Lon.
Might he have welcomed a Vodka clean and crisp and booming with notes of sweet malt and pear on the nose, with a lingering vanilla and caramel sweetness leading to a long smooth palate and bottled in his honour?  
“Da!” he might have said, “But that is very long sentence. MUCH LIKE the oneI served in Her Majesty’s prison in 1917.”


This super smooth Vodka is twice distilled, accenting the malt barley notes of our unique Little Lon spirit. Kolinski Vodka is full of character with sweet notes of pear and vanilla.

500 mL

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