Lark Single Malt Whisky - Tasmanian Peated

Lark Single Malt Whisky - Tasmanian Peated

Lark Single Malt Whisky - Tasmanian Peated

Welcome to The LARK Side. This is the new world of whisky. A meeting of the pure Tasmanian environment and experimental character of its creators.

Born from fire and fervour, Tasmanian Peated shows that where there's smoke, there's feeling. This is a new frontier, our island's own peat bog and post malt smoking process, creates a lightly peated whisky for a bold palate.

This single malt whisky in The LARK Signature Collection is signed by Master Blender Chris Thomson, representing his mark on the new world of whisky.

Lightly smoked with 100% central highlands peat from the Central Highlands lake district, sustainably sourced from LARK's own peat bog.

Best enjoyed by anyone, any way they like.

Nose: Earthy peat intertwined with a delicate floral character and sea spray

Palate: Floral peat develops amongst dark chocolate and oyster shell, with hints of coffee and marmalade

Finish: Ginger snap biscuit,  sea spray and subtle ash

Process Notes: Post malt smoking is quite unique in the whisky world. Traditionally the barley is kiln dried after the malting process. Our barley arrives at the distillery already malted, so ours is a process of post malt smoking. We smoke 2 tons of malted barley with 100kg of peat over an extended period. This style of peat smoked barley imparts a different flavour profile than traditional peated whisky. Expect more chocolate and earthy roasted coffee notes to come through

Product Structure: Floral peat, depth, viscous

Maturation Casks: Port, Sherry, Bourbon

Colour: Burnished

46% ABV | 500 mL in luxury box  or 100 mL in luxury box

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