Maud's Rhubarb and Violette Gin Liqueur

Maud's Rhubarb and Violette Gin Liqueur

Little Lon Distilling - Melbourne, Vic

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This Limited Edition bottle of Maud's delicious Rhubarb & Violette Gin Liqueur has been carefully crafted to combine the tartness of good old fashioned rhubarb and the sweetness of summer violettes, with the softness of single origin vanilla pods. Emanating a soft fuchsia glow, Maud would approve of you sipping this zinging nectar neat while sitting beside the rhubarb patch in your Nan's backyard. Even better, mix it in a variety of cocktails at home, like our Pink Gin Fizz and enjoy with your neighbours, your Mum or your friends all year round.

Named in honour of many of the 'Maud's' who lived in and around our inner-city cottage some 100+ years ago, we're limited this batch to just 250 BOTTLES. Once their gone, they're gone!

500 mL

FLAT RATE SHIPPING - pay no more for multiple bottles from this distillery (mixed bottles OK). See more from Little Lon Distilling - Melbourne, Vic

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