Pyewacket's Traditional Shrub varieties

Apple Pie Shrub

Pyewacket's Traditional Shrub varieties

Pyewacket's Traditional Shrub varieties are Australian made non-alcoholic, sugar free drink flavourers or tonic syrups.

A “shrub” is the old fashioned name for a fruit and herb preserve which is fermented in vinegar. Our shrubs are made of seasonal fruit, herbs, spices, sugar and organic apple cider vinegar that are macerated, fermented and pressed by hand, all without heat. They are concentrated cordials, used to add depth and panache to cocktails and wine spritzers, or to create unique sophisticated sodas. They are also excellent additions to sauces, marinades and dressings.

Sweet, earthy and full of tang- shrubs are also an excellent source of vitamins, probiotics, support your digestion and are naturally low in sugar.Shrub is taken from the Arabic word “sharab” or “drink”. When they were brought to 15th century England, they were adapted to medicinal tonics in early apothecaries. They were also popular in colonial America where they became additions to cocktails and in the prohibition era they were used in sodas, making elegant and delicious non alcoholic drinks to enjoy in bars.

Pineapple Mint Julep - A mint julep is the drink of the Kentucky derby. Traditionally served in a frozen silver goblet it is bourbon, mint syrup and crushed iced. Ours is a perfect Australian twist and also makes a summer wine spritzer or mixer for vodka or bourbon with muddled mint. House grown fresh mint of 4 varieties gives this blend impact.

Mango Lime Jalepeno - For the lovers of agave spirits- this shrub was designed to be the perfect complement. Mango smoothes the smokey qualities of mezcal. Lime brightens the piquant nature of tequila. Fresh jalapeno for warmth and base. Serve as a margarita soda with a salted rim, or just a splash in a shot of good spirit, sipped.

Cucumber Jamaica - When it's hot do you like to stay cool? Do you like drinks refreshing but not too sweet? Do you like words like crisp, fresh and hydrate? Do you like the colour pink? Do you like gin? Jamaica is spanish for Hibiscus. Named for the infamous Jamaica tea sold on the streets of Mexico- this shrub is all colour and depth. Serve with gin or stand alone.

Blood Orange TurmericStrong and of the earth. The heaviest of citrus fortified with the spices of ancient medicine chest. A warriors drink. Dry russian vodka or stand alone. Drink hot or cold.

Purple Rain - A divine and perfectly balanced blend of blueberries, juniper, lavender and beetroot. This isn’t your grandmas lavender. Its the deep rich tones of the crooning lounge singer in a velvet jacket- the one with the strength to hold room and panache to pull it off in style. The whole juiced beetroot and puréed blueberries are subtle and earthy in taste- exquisite in colour. This shrub is floral forward. High in antioxidants. Fermented on raw honey, it is sugar free. Loves gin and vodka.  

Rosemary Lemonade - You're not about to fall for any sweet talking. This shrub is all tang and bite and heady aroma. On it's own or a perfect companion with your favourite botanical or citrus gin. Drink hot in the winter to fortify the humors.

Watermelon Basil - The smell of a road side watermelon cart in the south of Italy, where you can buy by the slice in the hot sun. The hills are dry and fragrant herbs are simmering. It's summer time. Spiced rum, vodka, gin or wine spritzers. Versatile and refreshing. A sophisticated soda.

Strawberry Rose - It's a spring garden party at it's elegant best. Champagne spritz or short cake, whatever you're feeling it sweet, pink and floral. Perfect introduction to shrubs for kids or those with a fun-only palette.

Emerald City - All you get is colour power with this shrub. Celery, green apples, fresh house grown mint, and chlorophyll- this shrub harmonizes. The ultimate rehydration after a hot day or work out, or spike with good vodka if you're feeling it.

Apple Pye - Cooling on the windowsill, the gingham curtains fanning out the sweet smell of cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, allspice and clove. Crisp cold-pressed green apples fermented in warming aromatics. Drink hot or cold. Straight or spiked. Rum, vodka or whisky accompany best.


Magnolia & Pear - We started this shrub with whole crispy green pears to create a subtly sweet almost creamy foundation to lay magnolia on. We didn’t want anything bold or overpowering. This is an extremely precious and rare shrub, one that gets us excited just thinking about it. The base had to be humble and supportive. We’ve not used pear in a limited edition shrub before and timeliness of their seasonality made it a perfect match. A true ode to winter.

So what does magnolia taste like? We imagine that she would taste like she smells. Not so! The smell of magnolia doesn’t translate when eating or infusing the petals. Magnolia is sometimes used as a substitute for ginger. After an initial sweet almost mushroom earthiness (we mean this in the best way possible), the warmth and slight spice builds on the palette. She’s gentle but strong. She doesn’t shout at you but speaks in a firm voice when telling you what she knows to be true.

Our usual shrub ratio of 35 ml to 200 ml sparkling water will make the most delightful sweet, fragrant and slightly spicy shrub soda. We also like this one a little stronger to get the full magic of its flower power.

We make seasonal shrubs simply because we love local, seasonal fruit. Traditionally shrubs were used as a way of preserving fruit at the height of the harvest. Seasonal shrubs are a way for us to keep this tradition alive.

Mandarin & Pine -Fruity and fragrant. This shrub is made with abundance we foraged ourselves. Juicy ripe mandarins picked at sunset by Genna in her backyard and young pine needles gathered by Katrina from her farm.

Traditionally shrubs were used to preserve fruits and herbs when in abundance for later, reducing food waste and preserving nutrition. This shrub really is made in this spirit, capturing what we have growing in abundance now and preserving it for later (or until sold out).

Radiata pine is native to what we now call California. Introduced to Australia in 1870 as a fast growing multipurpose timber, it grows a little too well in the Northern Rivers and outside of plantations is considered a weed. Radiata pine is valued in traditional medicine for its high vitamin C and used for respiratory and conditions.

We make seasonal shrubs simply because we love local, seasonal fruit. Traditionally shrubs were used as a way of preserving fruit at the height of the harvest. Seasonal shrubs are a way for us to keep this tradition alive. Like all our limited edition seasonal shrubs, Mandarin and Pine is only available here directly from us.

Ingredients: Seasonal cold pressed mandarins grown and harvested by us, incredible aged raw organic apple cider vinegar, local raw sugar, wild harvested pine needles picked on the full moon, naked. Wild and True.

Lime & CorianderThis seasonal micro-batch shrub utilises the abundance of limes we were invited to harvest from a friend's property recently.  We traded shrubs with our friends at Hanging Rock Farm for armloads of fresh organic coriander and this precious shrub, one of our personal favourites, is here to bring in summer. 

Of course, we love it because lime and coriander shrub quickly makes the perfect margarita- just a shot of tequila and a shot of shrub, topped with lots of ice and just a splash of soda water. Yet don't be fooled by our tequila loving ways - this shrub is a non-alcoholic treat mixed with just soda water for a fresh botanical soda. ⠀

Amongst all of this tastiness and celebration let’s not forget, coriander chelates heavy metals, is full of antioxidants and supports healthy lymph and skin. 

Summer Berry Horchata - Back again due to popular demand, Summer Berry Horchata is a blend of locally grown blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries, blended with local organic rice and infused with allspice and nutmeg. The result is a lavishly creamy, luxe shrub that makes you think of fruits of the forest or berry sorbet.

Inspired by the fruity rice based Aqua Fresca that is served as a welcome drink and daily thirst quencher in Mexico and South America.

Horchata is a sweet, slightly creamy, totally luxurious, spiced and fruity dream come true. It originated in the Middle East and Africa, where nuts and various grains were blended in water with spices to create health tonics. The tradition travelled via the Moors to Spain and from Spain to Mexico... and so this tradition grew.

Ingredients: Wild harvested magnificent magnolia flowers of multiple varieties picked on an exquisite spring day by Genna, fresh cold pressed crispy green pears, raw organic apple cider vinegar, local raw sugar, just enough organic galangal and organic ginger to support magnolia's natural spiciness.

Ginger for its heat and galangal for its fragrance. Wild and True.

Select from the varieties above by adding your preference to the NOTE on the CART PAGE after you add to cart. Refrigerate when received.

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