Sanyou Port Barrel Finished Tasmanian Baijui

Sanyou Port Barrel Finished Tasmanian Baijui

Sanyou Port Barrel Finished Tasmanian Baijui

Sanyou baijiu is Tasmanian made Chinese Liquor.

This baijiu is made following the ancient solid-state fermentation and distillation methods learned from the baijiu masters in Moutai, China. The ancient Chinese methods are combined with Tasmanian ingredients and unique fermenting and aging environment - a baijiu that speaks of Chinese traditions and culture and Tasmanian place.

This special release is our 1 year old clay pot aged baijiu that has been finished for 4 months in a ex-port (and Tasmanina Whisky) barrel. The result of the barrel finishing is a beautiful fusion of barrel and baijiu - with the baijiu still forward in the flavour profile. This finished baijiu is quickly becoming a favourite at markets and tastings and is a must have for any baijiu enthusiast.

Sanyou baijiu is fermented, distilled and aged in clay-pots in Northern-Central Tasmania - the perfect cool climate for fermentation and aging. The result of the Chinese methods and Tasmanian place is a baijiu that is familiarly Chinese but distinctly Tasmanian.

This baijiu tells the stories of the two places we call home; Australia, and China. In a time when many of us are reaching out across the waters between Australia and China, Sanyou is the bridge that spans the void. Grab a bottle, share it with friends and family and celebrate relationships, culture, tradition and place.


53% ABV | 500 mL

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