ūüŹÜWorld Whisky Awards 2023 - our winnersūü§©

It's that time of year again and our Australian whiskies are featuring amongst the worlds best. Check out our whiskies that have won top positions or Silver medals at the World Whisky Awards.


Blended Malt
Category Winner - Lark Symphony No 1
Gold - Lark Symphony No 1

Single Malt
Category Winner - Lark Chinotto II Cask Strength 60%
Gold - Overeem Port Cask 43% - Available again soon
Silver - Lark Rare cask Para 100 - Sold out
Silver - Overeem Port cask strength 60 %
Silver - Spring Bay Sherry Cask 46%
Silver - Lark Wolf V Sold Out
Silver - Cape Byron Whisky - The Original 47%

Single Cask Single Malt
Gold - Hillwood Whisky Sherry Cask 60.5%
Silver - Spring Bay Rheban Cask Strength 58%

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